Speaker Group: Sustainability Studio.

Dr Holly Wilkinson

Dr Wilkinson is a Lecturer in Wound Healing from the Hull York Medical School. She has been working in the field of skin research for the past 10 years, undertaking a range of research projects at the academic-industry interface. Fundamentally, her group is interested in understanding the role of the microbiota in skin ageing, diabetes… Read more »

Keir Nicholas-Haizelden

I am a current Postgraduate Researcher in the second year of my BBSRC funded PhD Studentship at the University of Liverpool. I am working under the guidance of Dr Malcolm Horsburgh where we are particularly focused on understanding Staphylococci in the skin microbiome. My research is focused on understanding the mechanisms and factors which shape… Read more »

Sam Farmer

Sam founded his Teenage Unisex brand in 2012 and is the founder of the CIN (Cosmetic Information Network) – He has Chaired the Scrub Up On Science committee and is currently President of The Society of Cosmetic Scientists.

Stacey Irving Gaffey

Stacey Irving Gaffey is a Cosmetic Scientist and Managing Director of Global Cosmetic Developments, a bespoke cosmetic formulation development consultancy, providing the very best industry expertise and creating the latest innovations for beauty and personal care companies globally. With over 10 years of experience in research and development, product development and product formulation of personal… Read more »

Dr Theresa Callaghan

Dr. Theresa Callaghan PhD, is a graduate Biochemist from the University of Bath with a PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. While working as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Pasteur Institute in France, she became involved in research on LVMH’s Capture project and subsequently moved into corporate skin care research. Having worked in… Read more »

Graham McMillan

Graham has over 30 years of consultancy experience in the UK, EU and globally across responsible business, sustainability, ESG, public affairs, public policy, corporate communications and stakeholder engagement. He has advised the CTPA since 2017 on sustainability, policy, public affairs and corporate communications. He worked with the CTPA and Forum for the Future to develop… Read more »

Simon Gandy

A chemical engineer by original training, Simon spent seven years working on shampoos and their surfactants for Procter & Gamble, before taking an MSc in Environmental Technology, in 1999. Since then, he has been an environmental consultant, working on waste management, product policy and sustainability projects. His specialist subject is product life cycle assessment and,… Read more »

Jonathan Escolar

Jonathan Escolar is Global Sustainability Programme Manager at AAK, responsible for developing and implementing sustainable sourcing strategies for AAK’s plant based feedstock such as palm and soy. A biologist by training, he has 15+ years of experience as a field biologist, NGO programme manager, consultant, and managing in-house sustainability programmes in multinational companies.

Narinder Bains

Narinder Bains is the founder/CEO at Ineuvo Ltd, an industrial chemist by education and early profession having worked in speciality chemicals for 11 years at Shipley Europe/Rohm and Haas/Dow Electronic Chemicals. Subsequently worked as Business Development Manager/Innovation Manager at University of Birmingham’s school of engineering. He was a Technical Director at a Renewable Energy technology… Read more »

Jessica DeBruyne

Jessica is the strategic leader and visionary creating and facilitating the development of all products for S’ABLE Labs. A multi-faceted wellbeing initiative driven by purposeful partnership and conscious communities, founded by Idris and Sabrina Elba. Her electric and transparent personality translates into her pursuit of responsibly and consciously made products. Partnering with Positive Luxury and… Read more »