Stacey Irving Gaffey

Managing Director & Principal Chemist

Global Cosmetic Developments Ltd

Stacey Irving Gaffey is a Cosmetic Scientist and Managing Director of Global Cosmetic Developments, a bespoke cosmetic formulation development consultancy, providing the very best industry expertise and creating the latest innovations for beauty and personal care companies globally.

With over 10 years of experience in research and development, product development and product formulation of personal care and cosmetic products from working for well-established market leading brands, high street retail and niche beauty brands, Stacey brings a wealth of expertise and has created many award-winning formulations & commissions.

Over the last 6 years Stacey has also been advancing her Research and Development expertise by working on specific projects which involve creating and testing formulations with new ingredient technologies that have either only recently been brought to market or are still in development.

Drawing on her varied experience, Stacey has been able to apply a strong business understanding and acumen to support Beauty and Personal Care Companies in presenting cutting-edge cosmetic formulas and applications to the marketplace in a timely manner and avoiding major pitfalls.

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