The Laura Marshall Memorial Award for Innovation

‘The SCS’ Laura Marshall Memorial Award for Innovation recognises innovation within the Personal Care and Cosmetics Industry.


Voting takes the form of a token to be placed in your chosen finalist’s display in the award zone in the exhibition hall. At the end of the first day the votes will be counted and the award presented at the SCS Annual Dinner.

Criteria for Judging

How does the product live up to the innovation claimed? i.e. the texture, the appearance, the feel, the science, the principle etc., in written claim.  Impact of Innovation.  Is the Innovation clear to the consumer?


The Innovation encompasses all aspects of the industry from the latest formulation to new test methods, an innovative packaging format, electronic advances and beyond.

The Judges

Each entry will be allocated a unique number and company names will not be seen by the judges. The judges of the Laura Marshall awards will be formed of an independent panel including an end consumer, academic, industry body, product developer and the SCS President.

The 2018 Finalists