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Your comprehensive guide to the Cosmetic and Personal Care Industry

SCS Formulate is the UK’s largest event of its kind, focusing on raw materials, ingredients and formulation services used in creating personal care and cosmetic products.

In the exhibition you will be able to find every conceivable ingredient, raw material and other vital tool of your trade used in creating innovative cosmetic and personal care products.

It is a unique opportunity to see the new, the innovative, the proven, the everyday and the obscure – everything you need to create, make and market cosmetics for today and tomorrow.

Who will you see at SCS Formulate?

Below is a list of companies you will find at SCS Formulate.

Using the tools below you are able to search for specific companies or filter the exhibitor list to find companies that are relevant to you.


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Adina Cosmetic Ingredients

Stand 200

Afede Health Beauty & Wellness

Stand 505

Agrana Stärke GmbH

Stand 302

Alfa Chemicals Ltd

Stand 519

amita healthcare UK

Stand 111

Anton Paar

Stand 917


Stand 330

Aston Chemicals

Stand 625

Azelis UK Ltd

Stand 522


Stand 511

Blagden Personal Care

Stand 433

Blue Sky Botanics

Stand 401

Brenntag UK & Ireland

Stand 334

Caldic (UK) Ltd

Stand 531

Chemlink Specialities Ltd

Stand 333

Chemox Pound Ltd

Stand 300

Colonial Chemicals

Stand 909

Cornelius Group Plc

Stand 225


Stand 709

Cutest Systems Ltd

Stand 206

Delfin Technologies UK

Stand 543

DKSH Great Britain Ltd

Stand 711

Emsworth Stability Plus

Stand 825

EnviroDerm Services (UK) Ltd

Stand 122

Eurofins UK Cosmetics & Personal Care

Stand 103

Gattefossé UK

Stand 523

Gemro Products Ltd

Stand 233

Global Cosmetic Developments Ltd

Stand 404

H Foster 1875 Limited

Stand 811

IKA England

Stand 301


Stand 223

Infinity Ingredients

Stand 521


Stand 303


Stand 109


Stand 118

J. Rettenmaier & Sohne

Stand 105

KCC Beauty

Stand 609


Stand 116

Lake Personal Care

Stand 211


Stand 311


Stand 204

MCS Laboratories Limited

Stand 131

Melbec Microbiology Ltd

Stand 108

Naissance Natural Ingredients (NNI)

Stand 403

Naturochim S.A.S

Stand 110

Neelikon Specialities Europe

Stand 915

NK Chemicals Europe Ltd

Stand 717

O&3 – The Oil Family

Stand 402

Omya UK Ltd

Stand 534


Stand 210

Peacock Salt

Stand 921

Protec Ingredia Ltd

Stand 427


Stand 229


Stand 913

Sabinsa Europe GmbH

Stand 815

Safic-Alcan UK Ltd

Stand 619

Schülke and Mayr UK Ltd

Stand 435

Science Solutions Recruitment

Stand 114


Stand 613

Sigmund Lindner GmbH

Stand 911

Siltech Europe BV

Stand 115

Society of Cosmetic Scientists

Stand 100

Spec-Chem Industry Inc

Stand 109

Statfold Seed Oil Ltd

Stand 106


Stand 411

Symrise UK

Stand 218

Tennants Distribution Limited

Stand 615

The Innovation Company

Stand 723

The Kerfoot Group

Stand 704

The Secrets of Caledonia

Stand 214

Ultra International UK

Stand 823

Unifect Ltd

Stand 327

Univar Solutions

Stand 715

Wilfrid Smith Ltd

Stand 117

XCellR8 Limited

Stand 537

Yordas Group

Stand 112

Ytron-Quadro (UK) Ltd

Stand 611