Marianne Martin

Past President

British Society of Perfumers (BSP)

Marianne Martin is a perfumer or ‘nose’ and has been working in the fragrance industry for nearly 50 years, mostly from the UK but supplying markets around the world.
Since 2011 Marianne has enjoyed sharing her passion for perfumery with the next generation in various settings. These include the design and delivery of the perfumery unit for an MSc in Cosmetic Science for the London College of Fashion. She also gives her expertise for the perfumery module of the SCS diploma in Cosmetic Science.
Marianne has the honour of being the immediate past president of the British Society of Perfumers.
Marianne is fascinated by the psychology of olfaction, as a trained yoga teacher she brings perfumery to her meditation sessions and mindfulness to her perfumery training.
While semi-retired Marianne has an ongoing perfumery consultancy earthScentred.

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