Martin Stevens

Group Managing Director – Manufacturing

Potter & Moore

Martin is a Chartered Chemist with a joint honours degree specialising in organic chemistry, biochemistry and microbiology. He joined the SCS in 1985.

He has been employed in the cosmetic industry since 1982, when he joined L’Oreal Cosmaco Ltd in South Wales as a quality control chemist covering bulk control of colour cosmetics, skin care and perfumery for prestige brands such as Lancôme, Cacharel and Ralph Lauren.

1986 to 1999 Martin was Technical Director at The Norit Bodycare site in Eastbourne.

Martin has been employed by Creightons plc / Potter & Moore Innovations Limited since 1999, initially as Technical Director. In the last 12 months he has had the role Group Managing Director – Manufacturing, responsible for all production operations, quality, product development, regulatory and ESG across two manufacturing sites in Peterborough and Devon.

Martin Has experience in the development and manufacture of a wide range of toiletries and cosmetics including skin care, bath care, baby care, sun care, hair care, bar soap, fine perfumery, biocides and home fragrance.

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