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Solarepare MB is a natural and new type of active ingredient for UVB damage repair and defense. It is extracted from Magnolia biondii flower which is rich in lignans. By targeting at “damage associated molecular patterns” (DAMPs), it can reduce sunburned cells, inhibit the migration of HMGB1 from the nucleus and relieve vascular activation caused by UVB. Clinically, it can protect the skin after sun exposure and alleviate skin erythema. It’s natural and COSMOS approved.

It can be used in soothing and repairing skincare products. It also can be used as an effective booster in sunscreen products. Suitable formulations include sunscreen, spray, gel, essence and emulsion.

Sunscreen and suncare products are considered inevitable by more and more consumers and they are looking for new suncare products that not only have basic sunscreen function, but also with repairing and nourishing effects.

Solarepare MB