The Emulsion Theory – Science Meets Formulation

Four formulas that use the emulsification mechanism to maximize the benefits. We developed are presenting our new concept “The Emulsion Theory”, which brings emulsions to the next level thanks to cutting-edge Japanese technology. Four unique formulas have been developed in our Japanese labs, using distinct knowledge of the emulsifying mechanisms.

  1. Shower Oil : a real shower oil using only lipophilic components

– Adjustable HLB for controlled emulsification
– Oil-to-milk transformation
– Real oil with no foaming surfactants


  1. Comfort Body Cream : a balm texture with silky finish

– Made with the alpha-gel technology
– O/W emulsion with rich & melting texture
– No oily or greasy residue


  1. Hydro Sunscreen : a refreshing feeling combined with UV protection

– O/W fresh emulsion
– Daily photo-protection SPF15
– Easy penetration and no shining effect


  1. Cleansing Oil : a minimalistic formula with a maximum efficacy

– Only 3 ingredients
– Forms big micelles with water to remove dirt
– Controlled emulsification to be used in the shower