Vytrus Biotech

Photobiome™: A new category of Microbial Antioxidant to photoprotect the microbiota.

Solar radiation negatively impacts on our skin microbiota, and a photodamaged microbiota negatively contributes to skin photoageing process.

Vytrus Biotech unveils a new microbiota pathway to fight this photoageing process with the launch of  PHOTOBIOME™, a new category of Microbial Antioxidant awarded at the Best Ingredient Award of in-cosmetics Korea 2023 and BSB Innovation awards.

This prebiotic biotechnology active is inspired by nature and helps the microbiota release its natural photodefense molecules (solar postbiotics) to photoprotect itself and counterattack skin photodamage.

Photoprotecting the skin microbiota for a younger skin, PHOTOBIOME™ involves a new paradigm in suncare and well-ageing through new scientific concepts:

  • The Sun-Microbiota-Skin axis.
  • The new Photobiome factor with microbial protection booster effect.
  • Fighting microbial-induced photoageing process, modulating microbial melanin.

From the fusion of Pomegranate and Cotton plant stem cells, this 100% natural active is COSMOS-approved and was successfully tested as a microbiota-compatible ingredient, respecting our skin bacteria while rejuvenating the skin cells. PHOTOBIOME™ improves skin pigmentation tone, firmness and elasticity, and wrinkles, with a skin tone evener and luminosity booster effect.

As a lab-grown active, PHOTOBIOME ™ is developed through a sustainable biotechnology behind that saves more than 99% of water and arable soil compared to traditional extracts.