Vytrus Biotech

Centella Reversa™: Natural plant peptides with growth factor-like activity.

Peptides are a popular ingredient category due to their benefits in stimulating collagen production, improving skin texture and reducing fine lines and wrinkles, amongst others.

Specialized in active ingredients based on plant stem cell technology, Vytrus Biotech introduces CENTELLA REVERSA™ from Centella asiatica stem cells. This 100% natural active reverses the skin ageing based on key facts:

  • Enriched with natural plant peptides with a growth factor-like activity
  • Reversing the cellular senescence to improve the signs of skin ageing
  • Skin regenerating properties to improve the global facial complexion
  • Based on a patented and exclusive technology

This COSMOS-approved active has successfully been tested as a microbiota-compatible ingredient, respecting our skin bacteria while rejuvenating the skin cells. CENTELLA REVERSA™ improves skin firmness, elasticity, wrinkles intensity while reducing pores and red spots. Also indicated in anti-sagging, skin imperfections and CICA treatments.

As a lab-grown active, CENTELLA REVERSA™ has been developed through a sustainable biotechnology behind that saves more than 99% of water and arable soil compared to traditional plant extracts.