Reactive Oxygens at the Crossroad of Skin-Ageing: Synoxyl® AZ a breakthrough in fighting oxidative stresses and skin ageing

Energetic coupling between catabolic/oxidative versus anabolic/reductive reactions is essential to cell fate. Cell oxidoreduction status, also called redox status, is key biological indicator of cell homeostasis. Controlling the level of oxygen species and their by-products is vital to fundamental biological processes from energetic metabolism to inflammatory response. At Sytheon, we develop well defined stable cosmetic ingredients with high scavenging activities, protecting skin from oxidative stresses due to light and urban pollution.

Today, we present a breakthrough innovation, Synoxyl® AZ, unique supermolecule to combine molecular scavenging, chelating and quenching activities. Inspired by the chemistry of Ginger and Turmeric, we have engineered a safe off-white molecule, Acetyl Zingerone, showing high stability and efficacy. We show that Acetyl Zingerone can stabilize a Vitamin C derivative and potentiate its activity. On its own, Acetyl Zingerone protects skin from sun-damages and reduces skin ageing.