Skin cleansing solutions: softhance™ mr for moisture retention that consumers can feel

Consumers are well aware of the stripping, drying effect that skin cleansers can have on the skin.  New softhance™ mr conditioning agent is a nature-derived, biodegradable ingredient that deposits itself on the skin from rinse-off cleansing systems, providing skin moisture retention and leaving consumer-perceivable skin softness.  Consumer studies have shown that softhance™ mr improves foam quality and leaves skin feeling perceivably softer and moisturized even after rinse-off.  Broad surfactant compatibility enables creation of sulfate-free or anionic surfactant-based skin cleansers that are both clear and conditioning.

Try Softhance™ mr conditioning agent in your next body wash, shower gel, facial cleanser, hand soap or scrub for moisture retention that consumers can feel.

  • excellent deposition profile from skin cleansers
  • provides skin moisture retention and consumer-perceivable skin softness
  • anionic and sulfate-free surfactant compatibility enabling clear formulations
  • nature-derived (82%), biodegradable, non-microplastic
  • vegan-suitable, non-GMO
  • cold processable

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