GEOTECH Special Effect Pigments

Stand: 1136
Category: Decoratives - Body Makeup, Decoratives - Facial Makeup, Decoratives - Lip Products, Decoratives - Nail Products, Decoratives - Pigments, Sustainable

Telephone: 01827 314151

Company Profile

Represented at SCS by Lawrence Industries, GEOTECH are a special effect pigment company making glitters, pearlescents and holographic and chromic pigments. They offer a huge range of colours and effects that can be used to give shimmer to bodycare products, shine to lipglosses and highlights and glitter to eyeshadows and nail polish.

Their range includes biodegradable glitters, synthetic and ethically sourced natural mica and borosilicate glass glitter altneratives. This matches with their eco friendly ethos that got them a Gold EcoVadis rating.

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