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Specialists in BIO-Technology, Labio explain “Fermentology” to produce 100% Natural Fermentoil. Fermentology describes the unique and incomparable biological process of fermentation technology . Fermentology  is a 100% natural process and creates cosmetic ingredients with added skin benefits such as anti-ageing, moisturising  and antioxidant activities.  Demand to incorporate fermented ingredients into cosmetics continues to grow. Fermentoils... Read more »

Jaka Biotech

Relieve the discomfort of Sensitive Skin with Calmnerv CR-GL, the “Fire Extinguisher for the skin”. Jaka Biotech Co. Ltd provide professional skincare solutions focusing on the fields of plant extraction, fermentation and synthesis and present Calmnerv CR-GL. Everyday life has become more stressful, and various factors including air pollution and  UV light and  have contributed... Read more »


WS Biotinᵀᴹ: 100 times more soluble than free Biotin! WS Biotinᵀᴹ is Tagra’s latest breakthrough in water-soluble technology, delivering Biotin100 times more water soluble than free Biotin. WS Biotinᵀᴹ provides highly concentrated Biotin for improved hair, scalp, and skin health. WS Biotinᵀᴹ is a potent whitening and clarifying skincare solution for a perpetually healthy, radiant complexion. WS... Read more »