Maskerade is a customizable, biodegradable mask made from a sustainable cold process pectin, which is then allowed to dry and can then be cut to the required shape. It has been claim tested and has been shown to increase skin hydration by 58% after 10 minutes and in combination with a range of actives can be targeted at a wide range of skin imperfections. A range of options are given: Blue using the hydration of pectin and moisturising actives to give a moisture surge to the skin; Green captures the power of the sea with marine anti-ageing actives; Black has charcoal to purify and black clay to absorb combined with a pore reducing active; Pale Peach brings calming with an active that reduces skin redness. Cleanse/wash/wet skin (use your usual skin care regime). Hold the mask in cold water for 20 seconds then apply to the targeted area and relax for 10-20 minutes. Peel away to reveal hydrated and more radiant skin.