Love Down Below, Surfachem’s latest technical concept focuses on intimate care. Historically, intimate care is an application area dominated by niche, medicinal products, designed predominately just for women. Surfachem’s market research has identified that there is a growing mass market appeal, amongst both men and women, for intimate grooming products. This demand is being predominately driven by Generation’s Y (Millennials) & Z.

The Love Down Below concept contains a range of formulations which are designed to complement each other including a shaving foam, after-shave balm & intimate wash. The intimate post-shave balm is one of the six finalists for the Laura Marshall Memorial Award for Innovation.

The formulation is a gel cream base, which is applied following the shaving of intimate areas. A unisex design, it contains a combination of innovative ingredients, in a novel formulation, that act to reduce irritation and care for the skin.
Key ingredients include; TEGO® Pep 4-Comfort from Evonik, a new tetrapeptide that comforts sensitive skin by reducing redness and burning after shaving. ERYLITE® from Jungbunzlauer, which provides excellent moisturisation, outperforming glycerin at identical addition levels. TEGOSOFT® OER from Evonik, a naturally derived ester with jojoba like feel, produced using an environmentally friendly fermentation process. XIMENIA OIL from Aldivia, A fairly traded African seed oil with anti-inflammatory properties and luxurious silicone like feel.

To find out more please visit Surfachem at Stand 330 & Love Down Below will be featured in Surfachem’s Inspire Presentation at 11.30AM in Room A on the 14th of November.