Lambson will be showcasing a range of new formulations to demonstrate the capabilities of the patented Vida-Caps core-shell system.

Vida-Caps take the known benefits of the complex coacervation technique and further extend their acceptability by addressing the issues associated with animal derived raw materials. Lambson’s patented technology removes gelatine from the system and replaces it with a unique vegetable derived alternative, opening up the suitability for use in markets where cultural, religious or ethical issues prevent the use of animal derived products.

Suitable for encapsulating a range of ingredients, such as fragrances, actives etc, Vida-Caps can be specifically designed in a range of colours and sizes, from 20-1500 µm to exactly match the application intended.

The benefits of core-shell microencapsulation include

For more information please visit Lambson at Discover Zone No. 3.