Hot products from Adina this year:

PARSOL Max/PARSOL Shield – 2 new broad spectrum UV filters from the trusted PARSOL brand

Full Circle – A range of ingredients upcycled from waste materials

Beauactive – A potent bio-derived lipid that corrects both conspicuous pores and age spots

Pepha-age – Stimulates skin’s own defence against UV and blue light-induced skin damage

Sealift/Hair Sealift – Protective film-former, moisturiser, and anti-ageing gel from marine algae

preBIULIN FOS – Mass market prebiotic

Natpure Film AP/GR – Natural film formers

Genofix CPD & UVD – Microalgae extracts to repair DNA damage and rejuvenate the skin

Desert Whale – Fully vertically integrated supply chain of jojoba oils and derivatives

AC Hair & Scalp Complex – Improves the health of the scalp and hair follicle for stronger hair

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