Sharon D Lloyd

Academic Changemaker | Beauty Futurist

Co-Founder of FACE

Within her roles as academic changemaker and beauty futurist, Lloyd’s interdisciplinary research explores and challenges the relationship between cosmetic ideals, fashion, and body image. A champion for race equity, she has been interviewed on how it has informed these topics by Vogue Business, ShowStudio, and The Female Lead. She has also presented talks on these themes to the V&A, and the National  Museums Scotland.

Lloyd is also Co-Founder of Fashion Academics Creating Equality (FACE) – formed to challenge the lack of Black and Brown academics in the system, which directly impacts the experience of all young creatives but especially Black and Brown students. Working with the Council for Higher Education in Art and Design (CHEAD) and the British Fashion Council (BFC), FACE demands acknowledgement of the contribution of Black culture and creativity, to history, society and to fashion.

Working under the Education Pillar for the British Beauty Council, in 2020 she joined the steering committee for the Hair and Beauty Industry Authority (HABIA) to change the National Occupational Standards (NOS) – the outcome ensured Afro and textured hair became a standard core learning module for new hairdressers.  She is currently Co-chair for the British Beauty Council’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity Committee.

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