Mahesh Varu

Ayurvedic Practitioners Association and College of Ayurveda

In 1998 Mahesh, searching for a total health solution, discovered Ayurveda, a logical, scientific, holistic healing system.

Impressed with his findings, he began a seven-year journey of formal study. Although this meant a career step-change – at that time he was running a Hi-Tech business – he felt it was an exciting and valuable passion.

To balance the theory, he spent extended periods in India, working with Ayurveda at cancer hospitals and clinics.

He has a simple strategy of care and wellbeing for all. His focus on mind, body relationship, and education, have remarkable lasting impact and results on people’s life.

He has been a lecturer in Ayurvedic medicine at the University of Middlesex and College of Ayurveda.

Mahesh now has several clinics for treatment as well as running Ayurveda workshops and Ayurveda short courses in Hertfordshire.

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