Lorna Radford

Managing Director

Enkos Developments

Lorna Radford is the Managing Director of Enkos Developments – a scientific, creative and innovative formulation laboratory that develops bespoke formulations for brands in the personal care industry. Lorna has a First Class Master’s degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge and was awarded the Hibbott Memorial Prize for the highest mark on the SCS Diploma in 2015. Her vision is to use her scientific background and knowledge to help develop effective, high quality formulations for brands across skin care, hair care and colour cosmetics.


An acknowledged specialist in K-Beauty, Lorna’s knowledge of the Korean language and culture combined with her expertise in cosmetic science has given her a unique ability to translate the most exciting K-Beauty concepts into formulations for other markets. Lorna regularly travels to South Korea to gather ideas from the latest cutting-edge developments in skin care and cosmetics and can conduct tailored research on behalf of clients.


Lorna is proud to be a member of the SCS council and education committee.

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