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Dr Jan Knight PhD

Jan has applied her extensive experience in interdisciplinary science to develop novel methods for quantifying antioxidant activity of materials and finished products for the special needs of the cosmetics, nutraceutical, food, sport and veterinary markets.  Her research has involved: bioluminescence, inflammatory diseases, free radical biology, cardiovascular diseases, biocompatibility of medical devices, measuring antioxidant activity, monitoring the health and performance of elite athletes and in developing methods for use in such research.

She has been an invited speaker at international conferences, given seminars and practical workshops at pharmaceutical and medical device companies, the Olympic Medical Institute, and at the National Measurement Institute of Australia. She won five SMART awards, has led collaborative research projects, devised and organised hands-on technology transfer workshops and her company is a full partner in two EU Horizon 2020 project. She collaborates with scientists and clinicians in many universities and hospitals in the UK and abroad, is co-inventor of a number of patents, and in 1999 became a lifetime Millennium Fellow.








Dr Jan Knight :

Measuring the antioxidant capacity of vegan products and their ingredients with the ABEL-RAC-Vegan™ Antioxidant Test.

November 15, 2018 09:30 - 09:50