Dr Ellie Bradley

Science Credentialing Manager | Research

Walgreens Boots Alliance

Ellie Bradley (PhD) is Scientific Credentialing Manager at the No7 Beauty Company, Walgreens Boots Alliance. She has a degree in Biology from Durham University, UK, and a PhD from the University of Manchester, UK. The focus of her PhD was assessing the mechanism of action of cosmetic products and ingredients, in particular the ability of peptides to induce dermal remodelling in photoaged skin.
During her time at Walgreens Boots Alliance, Ellie has conducted research projects in the area of healthy skin ageing, including scientifically testing the efficacy of topical ingredients including retinoids and peptides for skin rejuvenation. Ellie was a key part of the research team behind the development of No7’s new ‘matrikine’ peptide technology; Pepticology™. Academically, she has written a review and a book chapter on the topic of cosmeceutical ingredients in skincare.

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