Dr Asim Shahmalak

The Crown Clinic in Manchester

Asim Shahmalak is an eminent hair transplant surgeon who owns and runs Crown Clinic in Manchester – one of the UK’s most successful and best-known hair transplant clinics. He also has consulting rooms in London’s Harley Street.

Dr Shahmalak treats men and woman and around 80% of his patients have FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplants to treat pattern baldness, scarring and other forms of hair loss. He was taught an advanced type of FUE by DrJohn Cole from the Forhair clinic in Atlanta, Georgia – this minimises scarring and maximises density, ensuring a hairline that is natural.

Dr Shahmalak has pioneered the introduction in the UK of some more unusual procedures. He performed the UK’s first eyelash transplant in 2009 and he is one of the few surgeons in the world to also perform eyebrow, beard and sideburn transplants.

A skilled broadcaster who regularly appears on TV and radio to explain the benefits of hair restoration, Dr Shahmalak is also a gifted speaker and appears at medical conferences around the world.

He is also widely known for his charitable work in Pakistan – providing free hair, eyebrow and eyelash transplants for the victims of acid attacks.

Dr Shahmalak works with a number of famous clients and has provided hair transplants for the TV doctor Christian Jessen, the model Calum Best and the international footballer Didi Hamann.

Dr Shahmalak trained as a general surgeon, moving to the Republic of Ireland in 1990 before switching to the National Health Service in England where he practiced as a surgeon for 15years. He has been working privately as a hair transplant surgeon since 2006.

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