Colin Sanders


Colin's Cosmetic Consultancy

Colin Sanders has worked in the cosmetic and topical pharmaceutical industries since the early eighties.   His activities have been mainly focused on formulating products, but have also included talking about the science behind cosmetics to trade and lay audiences.   He organised the first Formulate conference in 1999, and has spoken at it regularly since then.


He is also well known for starting Colin’s Beauty Pages in 2005 which was probably the first blog in the UK to talk about cosmetic science for the general public.


He has also appeared on television to discuss cosmetic products, and is often sought out to provide quotes for magazines and newspapers.


Since 2013 he has operated as an independent cosmetic and pharmaceutical consultant  developing products and supporting people through regulatory hurdles with his team based in the West Sussex countryside.


He continues to have a web presence where he shares his interest in current developments in the cosmetic world in the future of the industry.    His online activities are the key to finding new customers looking for his consulting services and this is likely to be the only way people will look for such services in the future.

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