Claire Fletcher

Head of Certification Services

Cruelty Free International

Claire Fletcher is Head of Certification Services for Cruelty Free International – the leading organisation working to end animal experiments worldwide.

Claire joined Cruelty Free International in 2017 to lead the global Leaping Bunny cruelty free programme and has overseen a 50% growth in Leaping Bunny brands being approved over the past two years.

Since taking over management of the Leaping Bunny, one of Claire’s focuses has been to build relationships and develop effective working practices with supply chains that have a fundamental role in enabling brands to become Leaping Bunny approved and maintain their cruelty free status.

A passionate supporter of animal welfare and protection, Claire has over thirty years of experience in working with animals, and supporting and volunteering for animal charities including Animal Free Research UK.

Prior to joining Cruelty Free International, Claire was Operations Director at a leading global business awards and personal honours company. Claire holds degrees in Animal Science & Biomedical Science from the University of Brighton where she has since lectured on Animal Welfare & Ethics and Animal Nutrition, and established an Animal Welfare & Law module for a BSc Hons degree in Animal Behaviour & Welfare.

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