Abi Whisken

Creative Buyer

Lush Cosmetics

At Lush, creativity doesn’t stop with our products. Our vision is for a supply network where regeneration
of life is at the core of sourcing decisions. We want to give back more than we take and leave the world a
lusher place than we found it. Our commitment to doing business in an ethical way is central to how we
Coming from a varied Buying background, for the last four years Abi has managed a selection of Lush’s
Raw Materials; including oils, honeys and butters, and through careful buying decisions, is able to
positively impact people and our planet. Abi is based in the UK and through collaboration with our Buyers
across all of Lush’s markets, they develop supply networks globally supporting regeneration wherever
Abi is passionate about sharing the Buying vision at Lush and strategy in order to inspire others to follow
in our footsteps.

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