Where next for Claim Substantiation Testing? Thinking beyond lines and wrinkles to meet the needs of future consumers

12:10 - 12:30
November 14, 2018


The consumer understanding of healthy, young looking skin has increased hugely over the last few years. With multiple lifestyle aspects, including sun, pollution, stress and diet to name a few,  understood to impact on how good someone’s skin looks, beauty shoppers now want much more from their products. The idea that lines and wrinkles are the major focus for good looking skin is now receding, with a more holistic view of skin emerging. This is also particularly true for consumers in non-European markets, such as the Far East region, where wrinkles have never been the primary concern with regards to healthy, youthful looking skin. In this talk, I will discuss methodologies that we are using for our international clients to provide information more directly related to how the consumer perceives their overall skin health. Imaging and other technologies that quantitate aspects such as skin radiance, translucency (of particular interest in China, Japan and Korea), evenness of skin tone and holistic visual measurements that link to consumer satisfaction of product performance, will be covered to show how we can think beyond a narrow view of good product performance.


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