When a consumer reacts to a cosmetic product: From Cosmetovigilance to Patch testing

11:30 - 12:30
November 14, 2018

Market surveillance, in which cosmetovigilance plays a crucial role, is arguably one of the most important attributes in the lifecycle management of cosmetic products.  Although cosmetovigilance is a mandatory requirement in the European cosmetic regulatory framework, the concept can also provide brand owners, both own-label and FMCG, with valuable insights into consumer perceptions of their marketed cosmetic products.

This presentation will highlight the current philosophy employed by the cosmetic industry in the European Union, illustrated by real-life examples of cosmetic products and product types which can elicit complaints from consumers using such products.


Learning outcomes:

1) Cosmetovigilance is more than a checkbox exercise to satisfy a European regulatory requirement.

2) Consumers are very fickle when it comes to contacting Brands and Retailers when they experience a ‘problem’ with a product.

3) Cosmetovigilance and market surveillance are not difficult or complex.  Logical thinking and an orderly way of doing things are the key to successful programmes.

4) Cosmetovigilance and market surveillance can contribute more than just safety signals.  Brand reputation can also be ‘saved’.

5) Consumers are becoming increasingly savvy in the ways that they interact with Brands and Retailers; you must not underestimate the power of the internet.


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