Wellness For Beauty: Advancing the Story

14:50 - 15:10
November 15, 2018


Wellness has grown to become a synonym of beauty, as beauty buyers embrace wellness. Consumers understand that skin appearance is also impacted by exposure to daily environment and various aspects of modern lifestyles.  Increasing levels of physical activity, reducing stress levels, minimising the impact of pollution and free radicals, looking after personal wellbeing are considered of vital steps for an effective beauty routine.

The concept of looking and feeling good is drawing closer: notions of de-stress and recharge, creating energy through the experience of an indulging face, body and hair care rituals. Following the successful launch of the “Looking Good Feeling Great” Creative Concept at in-cosmetics Global 2017, Brenntag are expanding the narrative of the Wellness for Beauty story and are developing new formulations to be unveiled at SCS Formulate.

More information on the formulations under the Creative Concept can be found on   http://www.brenntag.com/uk-ireland/en/brenntag-uk-and-ireland/media/wellness-for-beauty-advancing-the-story.jsp


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