Update on Cosmetic Regulations: Hot topics affecting the industry

Time: 9:30 am - 10:00 am

Date: 13 November

This is an extremely active time for the cosmetics industry, with ‘Brexit’ posing so many questions.  There are a number of other regulatory challenges to ingredients, contributing more uncertainty for the industry.  This presentation will provide an update on some of these: microplastics, single use plastics, preservatives and endocrine disruptors.

In the face of the many questions, it is important to remember we have robust cosmetics legislation in the EU Cosmetic Products Regulation ((EC) No. 1223/2009), and that our products must be safe; this is irrespective of the source of the ingredients or the claims being made.

The presentation will provide an update on the key activities of the European cosmetics industry and the implications of actions by UK/EU/global regulators.

  1. Learning Outcomes

  • The latest update from the UK and the EU on microplastics
  • How will UK and EU action on Single Use Plastic affect the cosmetics industry – will this affect cosmetic wipes?
  • The current status of Annex V preservatives
  • The latest on ‘endocrine disruptors’
  • Interaction with the UK dermatology community


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