The Microbiome

14:00 - 14:30
November 15, 2018

Next generation sequencing has the scientific world on the edge of a revolution. The Microbiome has always been the elephant in the room but now it can no longer being ignored. This is much more than the beginning of a new trend or an extension of an older pre/probiotic trend. Through this new greater understanding of how our bodies interact with the microbes we all carry, we can formulate more effective products.

In this talk, the recent research findings due to the advances in DNA technology/next generation sequencing, will be discussed with their implications to NPD in personal care.  There are paradoxes to be addressed. Do the preservatives in cosmetics disrupt the balance of our microbiome? This is a complex ecology so are we creating bigger problems by removing ‘’bad microbes’’ and feeding the ‘’good microbes’’? Should we even be thinking in terms of good and bad microbes.

Learning outcomes


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