Skin Secrets from Asia

14:30 - 14:50
November 15, 2018


In recent times, a growing demand for products that purport to enhance skin tones and restore a youthful appearance by minimizing, or avoiding wrinkle formation has become a phenomenon in Asian countries like China, Korea, Japan, and India. With increasing awareness, there is a rising population of beauty-conscious individuals looking-out for alternative to conventional topical skin care delivery systems that are reliable, natural & safe, and cost-efficient as well. This has caused a significant remoteness against prescription medications and high-cost medical procedures, as more people are leaning towards natural alternatives.

Sabinsa has come up with several innovative cosmeceutical products that represent a perfect blend of art and science. A few of ingredients that fulfil specific personal care needs of beauty-seekers include SabiWhite, Saberry, Tetrahydrocurcuminoids (THCs), Cococin, Artonox, PteroWhite, Licorice extract, and Ellagic acid (for skin lightening effect), and Boswellin Super, Sage extract, Sodium Ursolate and Venocin.


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