Round Table Discussions on Scale Up, Rheology and Microbiology

Time: 9:30 am - 10:30 am

Date: 14 November

Consultants Participating in this session are (click on the images below for the consultant’s biography):

Consultant Specialisation
Alaistar Gilchrist Making cosmetics from grams to Tonnes
Provide advice on manufacturing cosmetic products in a development laboratory or for small to large scale production.
I have experience of nearly all types of cosmetic products and can offer assistance with set-up of a facility, improving efficiency or reducing costs. This could be through identifying new equipment or improving what is available.
Neil Cunningham

Practical use of rheometers and viscometers for testing cosmetic products

How rheology and tribology can be used to predict sensory properties and benchmark against competitor products

Using rheology as a tool for scale up, viscosity build and stability studies

Ben Elmadi Microbiology, contamination, NPD (PET/Challenge)
Formulation for microbiology issues
Solving manufacturing issues with micro



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