Round Table Discussions on Perfume and Packaging

Time: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Date: 14 November

Consultants Participating in this session are (click on the images below for the consultant’s biography):

Consultant Specialisation
Virginie Daniau Fragrance development for cosmetic products, both hedonic and technical aspects, stability issues
Lisa Meade All things Packaging – Designing the right Packaging for your Beauty Products
How the Technical and Sensorial merge within Packaging. I can help you maximise insights through the right choice of Packaging and the right choice of technical and market qualification to maximise success at launch, gaining an increased return on investment for your brand.
We can explore;
The right function for the job, the pitfalls and things to look out for,
The right Consumer test methodologies to ensure you get to the right-first-time design, function and marketing communication, building confidence for launch.
The right methodologies to ensure a successful functioning pack through the product life cycle.
The emotional touch-points to help lift success.
Already in Market? We can talk the latest in Business Packaging Strategies and how to simplify your approach.
I can share my thoughts on future trends and how the industry is moving
PIIDesign focuses on marrying the creative and technical worlds together.



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