Opportunities for fragrance personalisation in the real world

Time: 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Date: 13 November

For brand owners and formulators it’s a challenge to deliver real personalization to the masses.  It can also be a challenge for customers to understand and trust personalization opportunities which brands do offer.

The fragrance market already has thousands of products where the differentiation in the bottle is purely the odour and the time it lasts on skin. Each fragrance must clamor for consumer attention, differentiated by marketing message, price, packaging – stuff you know.  Is more differentiation useful or even wanted? The bigger question for me is how can the differentiation be communicated, in order for personalisation or customisation to take place effectively?

For cosmetic products where the primary function is not fragrance, is there even a role for customisation of the fragrance? What opportunity is scent for personalisation of cosmetic products?

Many customers are dissatisfied with fragrances they buy and whilst not all customers want direct customisation, most want fragrances which are ‘just right’ – an implied personalisation.  In what ways can we re-frame the challenge to deliver what customers will love?   We consider the key ingredients required to effectively deliver personalized fragrances in the real world

  1. Learning Outcomes –
    • An overview of fragrance customisation options currently available
    • Understand how a clearer relationship with fragrance, starting with you, can present opportunities for fragrance customisation.
    • Provide ‘fragrance for thought’ hints and tips you can apply to your products, processes and place in the market.


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