Once upon a time…beauty sleep, wrinkles and other bedtime stories

Time: 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Date: 13 November

The amount and quality of sleep we have has a profound effect on our appearance with the concept of “Beauty Sleep” being deeply ingrained in both popular culture and folklore.

We are seeing an emerging number of new product launches which connect to sleep, tiredness and fatigue and the concept of sleep as a luxury in the 21st Century is widely touted and linked to the growing Wellbeauty trend.

In this talk the effects of sleep on the skin and appearance will be investigated, identifying key areas affected by a lack of sleep and how they manifest themselves.

Not only does poor sleep have an impact on our appearance, over time the act of placing the face on a pillow also contributes to a wide range of subtle appearance modifications.

We shall also report on how the skins physiological processes and functions follow defined circadian rhythms, potentially opening the door for opportunities to develop products which are more in tune to the skins needs.

A review of the latest scientific research coupled with an analysis of claims and market launches, not just in personal care, will be presented.

A consumer survey will provide insights into current attitudes to sleep and skin and potential ways to engage with consumers and fully exploit this growing trend will be shared.

Learning Outcomes

Current scientific insights linking circadian rhythms to skin function

Effects of sleep, fatigue and the act of lying down on facial skin

Sleep requirements at various different ages will be discussed

Current market analysis for sleep and sleep related products

New insights from a consumer survey of attitudes, awareness and effects of sleep and daily rhythm on skin and appearance


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