Nikkol Aron NT-Z and Selachyl Alcohol V: Formulating luxurious minimal W/O creams with a high water phase

16:30 - 17:00
November 14, 2018

IMCD are proud to present two of the Nikkol Group’s most innovative new launches this year; the cold process W/O emulsifier Selachyl Alcohol V, and the blurring and texturising polymer Aron NT-Z.

We will be demonstrating how to create incredibly high water phase W/O formulations that have a rich feel with the potential for minimal ingredient use for those desiring ‘slimmed down’ product lines. Throughout the demonstration we will display a variety of colour and white cosmetic possibilities for this new emulsifier-free system, whilst alongside this showing how easily the fine line blurring polymer Aron NT-Z can be incorporated into any water containing system. A great chance to see Japanese beauty concepts in the UK.


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