Fully traceable, eco-conscious shea innovations from AAK

Time: 2:50 pm - 3:10 pm

Date: 13 November

Theatre: Room A

To meet growing consumer demand for sustainable, ethically sourced ingredients with proven efficacy, AAK is expanding the reach of its Kolo Nafaso direct shea sourcing program in West Africa.  Shea is vital for the conservation of rural ecosystems with the trees shown to play an important role in protecting against climate change.  Now in its tenth year, the program operates in Burkina Faso, Ghana and Ivory Coast and engages over 230,000 women shea collectors, an increase of 72% on 2018. To build a direct and sustainable business relationship with program members, AAK provides access to pre-financing, training and logistical support and the initiative has proven successful in empowering women, improving livelihoods and securing the future.

Lipex SheaLiquid TR is a fully traceable liquid shea butter produced using only shea kernels from a segregated supply chain and fully traceable to the AAK Kolo Nafaso direct sourcing program.  It offers all the functionality and skin nourishing benefits of solid shea butter and can be used at higher levels without the risk of crystallization.  A laboratory scale trial, carried out under strictly controlled conditions, showed that Lipex SheaLiquid TR saves up to 50% energy and 30% time in production compared to solid shea butter. The study compared hot processing of a body lotion made with 6% solid shea butter versus low temperature processing of the same formulation but using 6% Lipex SheaLiquid TR. A sensory evaluation triangle test confirmed there were no significant differences between the two final formulations in terms of product characteristics and aesthetics.

AAK is committed to creating value and sustainability through streamlined supply chains and developing products that help address corporate and brand CSR targets and deliver on the global need for responsible sourcing.


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