The Pros and cons of different eco and green certification systems

Time: 4:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Date: 12 November

  1. The Pros and cons of different Eco and green certification systems

    Especially for Small and Medium sized companies labelling can be an attractive way to document the quality of their Cosmetic Products. However, this doesn’t come easy. New raw materials must be found, and formulations may need updates. Everything must be updated and calculated for a third party to go through. Often more expensive raw materials must be on board.

    However, the upside can be very attractive. Especially if the quality of your current product portfolio can be questioned or you want to promote your products on new Markets.

    In Europe the market for labelled products is constantly growing and this does not seem to have an end soon. In many countries products with more labels are in an uptrend.

    We will go through some of the public trends today and try to understand how they comply with different label systems.

    and on the basis of our long time experience with the labels we will give some hints.

  2. Learning Outcomes: If you want to comply with future trends it will be advantageous to go for both: Eco- and Natural labelling. Many Scandinavian companies do so. Organic? Vegan? Allergy?


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