It’s All About Me – The Quantified Self Trend, Beauty Devices and the Future of Personal Care

14:30 - 15:00
November 14, 2018

Research on over 500 consumers has been undertaken to evaluate how the rise of several global trends such as “Wearable Tech”, “Wellness” and “Digital Beauty” along with the widespread use of smart phones, VR and “Selfie Culture” has led to an increased market need for devices which can measure appearance. In terms of digital marketing and ecommerce such devices provide a huge opportunity for sales on the move and a shift from bricks and mortar selling to an enhanced virtual beauty environment. Beauty devices, such as the recent launch of the L’Oreal Kerastase Smart Brush, along with a desire to measure and share many aspects of life driven by Wellness and Health devices such as the ubiquitous Fitbit, has resulted in a market opportunity for technology which can quantify aspects of facial attractiveness, skin health and beauty.

A review of currently available beauty devices which ride the “Quantified Self” trend will be presented. The opportunities and also the threats presented by this type of technology will also be covered.

Alba Science have recently conducted an extensive market survey on over 500 respondents to evaluate how the efficacy of products are currently evaluated by consumers, which claims in the market place are the most motivating for consumers and how the use of apps and quantified-self devices can change the attitude of consumers in terms of how they use and interact with products and regimes. The results of this survey will be shared during the talk and examples will be given showing how the insights from this study will be used in the future to engage consumers, ensure brand loyalty and allow for personalisation of both product and interaction.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understanding of the trends contributing to the rise of Quantified Self (QS) devices in beauty
  2. Update on currently available/recently launched beauty devices
  3. Examples of how devices are driving consumer choice in the market place
  4. Understanding of how consumers engage with product now and in the future
  5. Insights into the future application of QS devices to build brand loyalty and enhance product performance


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