A Fresh Look for Sensory in Cosmetic Formulation

Time: 9:50 am - 10:10 am

Date: 17 November

Theatre: Room B

17-11-21 09:50 17-11-21 10:10 Europe/London A Fresh Look for Sensory in Cosmetic Formulation

SCS Formulate

Formulators realise the critical role that the sensory experience, particularly texture and fragrance, plays in product success.  The ability to describe and measure the sensory characteristics of products and ingredients can facilitate reformulation, enhance competitor understanding and unlock the route to successful new product development.

Sensory assessment of personal care products poses specific challenges around trying to capture data and use the product simultaneously. Traditional methods require panellists to use a product then stop to write or type responses, relying heavily on recall of the experience. Furthermore, testing personal care products in hot and humid environments, such as bathrooms, restricts the use of technology.

This case study presentation will not only show how traditional sensory analysis is used to define and benchmark the performance of a personal care product but will also demonstrate how smart-speaker technology can improve our ability to capture data in-the-moment, in-context, and hands-free.


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