INOLIXIR, a subcritical water extract of Chaga, designed for healthy living

Time: 11:50 am - 12:10 pm

Date: 12 November

Theatre: Room A

Consumers are more and more changing their perception of beauty and choosing a more holistic approach also considering their lifestyle, like participating to stress-reduction activities as yoga, spa cure or massage that fits with their wellness growing concern.

Selected for its medicinal and healthy-food properties and its high antioxidant power – better ORAC value than vitamin C – Inolixir is a unique substantiated healthy extract from Chaga Mushroom (Inonotus obliquus from Nordic birch forests), obtained through an innovative technology: Subcritical water extraction, a fast and safe extraction optimizing its superpowers.

Inolixir reinforces protection system of the skin – its barrier function is stronger, its microcirculation rebalanced – and pro-inflammatory response are reduced thanks to high anti-inflammatory properties in vitro on keratinocytes: Decrease of IL-8 by 94%

A quick and long-lasting efficacy for this new healthy bioactive, also offering a dual positioning:

  • Wellbeing approach with same benefits as a 5 day-relaxation cure: For 76% of women fine lines of fatigue are reduced, and for 78% of them, dark circles appear reduced.
  • Dermocosmetic approach with visible results on sensitive skin: For 73% of women, skin redness is reduced, skin less irritable. For 91%, skin is more comfortable.


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