Getting your Brand Noticed by Retail Buyers

Time: 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

Date: 13 November

How to decide which retailers they should target – Not every brand can be in Marks and Spencer’s or Debenhams. Brands needs to target retailers by researching ideal customers and recognising the right match for them even if it isn’t the retailer they have always dreamed of. I will teach techniques and strategies to help brands work out their best retail fit.

How to align their brand with their chosen retailers – I will share techniques to visually align a brand with their target retailer, so that when retailers take a look at brands and start to do their research they see the kind of brand they want to work with.

How to attract the attention of buyers and get the conversation started – There are loads of things brands can do to get on retailers radars before they actually pitch, techniques and strategies they can use to get noticed and generate some excitement, recognition and interest so that by the time they contact the retailer there is already a relationship in place.

How to pitch to win – I would provide some top tips on how to write a winning email pitch


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