From Anti-Pollution to Common Criteria, This Claims to be a Crucial Update

14:00 - 14:30
November 14, 2018

With the broad range of emerging claims requirements, such as anti-pollution, microbiome, skin health and multiple other trends, it is easy to lose sight of the fundamentals of supporting  a claim and crucially, ensuring it is relevant to the consumer. In this talk, I will discuss the pitfalls of claims testing strategies that do not meet the needs of advertising regulators, or run the risk of falling foul of regulators as we pursue new claims, using ever more sophisticated testing. In all of this, is the consumer at the heart of the thinking? I will also share research we are undertaking with cell culture specialist XCellR8 as part of an Innovate UK grant we have been awarded, that seeks to advance the science of safety protection for consumers and help eliminate any need for historical animal testing data.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Consumer relevant claims versus statistically significant claims
  2. Avoiding generating claims data that does not differentiate your product
  3. Working within the regulatory guidelines whilst maximizing product impact
  4. The next generation of testing for safety-how we need to evolve our consumer understanding


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