15:10 - 15:30
November 15, 2018


Our body, including the skin and its appearance, is the result of our gene expressions. Epigenetics is the study of the biological mechanisms involved in the regulation of gene activity without altering their sequence. Epigenetic changes happens regular and naturally but can also be influenced by several factors including the age, environmental factors like UV radiation, pollution, the lifestyle, the emotions, some diseases…

Epigenetics opens a new door to ingredients that can influence our skin genes epigenetically . Epigenetics is a new paradigm in the Science of Anti Aging. Via epigenetic mechanisms, genes can be modulated to get involved in regulatory processes such as: Cell cycles, DNA repair systems, Reactions to oxidative stress, Inflammation, Hair growth stimulation, Skin regeneration, etc.

Cobiosa’s R&D continuous research, has developed new assays on the epigenetic action of three of its ingredients: COBIODEFENDER EMR, DRAGON’S BLOOD & GLYCOENERGIZER HAIR


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