Don’t just tick the box: Drive improvement for a more sustainable and resilient supply chain.

Time: 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Date: 12 November

Leaders in purchasing and supply chain across every industry are seeking innovative ways to optimise value creation beyond cost savings and ‘tick-the-box’ exercises. With increased stakeholder demands, public scrutiny and regulations around sustainability – such as the UK Modern Slavery Act, the UK Bribery Act – the pressure is on procurement. Knowing more about the sustainability performance of suppliers can not only protect your sourcing activities but also reveal best practice and untapped opportunity.

Key takeaways for the business briefing will include:

  • Why sustainability has become a unique opportunity to drive long-term value creation
  • How to make the business case for investing in sustainable procurement
  • What tools and best practices are necessary to accelerate the development of an effective sustainable procurement programme


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