Cosmetic Formulators – You are not alone!

09:30 - 10:00
November 15, 2018

An understanding of the critical parameters in a formulation, be they ingredient type, level, or process conditions is critical to the commercial success of a formulated product. In this presentation, Dr David Calvert will outline a design process which can be used in all industries, including cosmetics, resulting in   high performing, consistent and more resilient products.

About iFormulate

iFormulate Ltd provides customised R&D and innovation services in formulation science and technology to companies who develop and produce formulated products, across a range of sectors (e.g. pharmaceuticals, personal care, food, inks, coatings, agrochemicals). Founded by two industry professionals, iFormulate’s combined expertise and experience covers R&D, science, technical service, marketing, regulatory affairs, business strategy, product management, business development and consultancy and it delivers tailor-made solutions to clients.


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