Clean, Pure & Simple

Time: 10:10 am - 10:30 am

Date: 14 November

Theatre: Room A

In recent years, the trend for “Green Beauty” has become super mainstream with more and more producers and consumers looking for beauty and personal care products that are ECO friendly and sustainable. This is what inspired us to look beyond our customers desires and create formulations that not only protect your skin but also protect the environment. We based our formulated solutions on the concept of Clean, Pure & Simple.
Our Chantilly Cream is a shower based whipped cream presented in an aerosol format that allows you to measure the exact amount of product you need to wash and moisturise your skin while reducing waste CLEAN
Most of the ingredients involved in our formulations are nature based with the Chantilly Cream in particular only containing certified ECOCERT constituents PURE
We believe that the Cosmetics market is looking for less ingredients in formulations therefore we developed a formula that contains less than 10 naturally based ingredients SIMPLE
During the Inspire Presentation Brenntag will show you as a leading international distributor of a comprehensive range of cosmetics ingredients, how we manage to recognise market trends at an early stage and how the Brenntag formulation team responds to those trends. Brenntag will emphasise on the Concept Clean, Pure & Simple and illustrate how we managed to meet our customer requirements.


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