PolyAquol™ – technology for natural and efficient emulsions

12:10 - 12:30
November 15, 2018


Through years of research, Innovacos has developed an expertise in polyglycerol technology.  This knowhow led to a new generation of polyglycerol-based emulsifiers known as PolyAquol™.

The first member of the PolyAquol™ family, PolyAquol™-2W, is a patent pending O/W self-emulsifier.  PolyAquol™-2W possesses a wide range of formulation compatibility while providing a unique skin feel to emulsions.  On a more functional level, PolyAquol™-2W can generate highly organized liquid crystals important to provide stability to the emulsion and to ensure compatibility with the skin.  Clinically, PolyAquol™-2W was shown to prevent and repair damage caused to the skin barrier function by UV exposure.

PolyAquol™-OS2 is the second member of the PolyAquol™ line.  PolyAquol™-OS2 can generate W/O emulsions endowed with a very light texture and skin feel.  Its  molecular arrangement provides strong emulsifying properties without the need of co-emulsifiers and it can advantageously be used also for cold-processed emulsions.  It is perfectly suited for sunscreen and makeup formulations containing powders and pigments.

Both, PolyAquol™-2W and PolyAquol™-OS2 emulsifiers are all naturally derived with Ecocert and Cosmos approvals.


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