Promote Your Products, Your Science and Yourself Online

Time: 11:30 am - 12:00 pm

Date: 13 November

The web continues to develop and to become even more disruptive than ever.  It is now not only overturning the traditional ways of formulating, producing and promoting products.  Previous internet based models of doing business are now becoming obsolete.
This talk reviews the ways people are making money online from cosmetics.  The customer and the formulator are getting closer together than ever.
Today we are in a position where it is easy to feel a bit like a native American standing on the shores of the Atlantic and wondering what all those sailing ships full of settlers, gunpowder and diseases are going to lead to.  Or maybe like a Roman centurion watching as the barbarians flood across a frozen river Rhine and pouring into the rich provinces of the empire. Perhaps the closest of all is a monk sitting at his quill and parchments as a delivery arrives of a big pile of printed Bibles.
We all know things are changing and that the world we have known is going to change beyond recognition in the near future.  We can see that something’s up but it’s rather hard to tell what.
I think the biggest change is that most of us have grown up and lived in a very literary culture.  The written word has been the prime means of communication for around 400 years. The ability to use written words with skill has been pretty much a necessity for any successful person.  This is so ingrained it is almost impossible not to believe that it is virtually a law of nature.


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