African Hair

16:00 - 16:30
November 14, 2018

Growing up with natural afro hair was definitely a challenge for me. Although I have now managed to address most of the challenges I encountered with my hair earlier in life, my journey has led me to realise that I was not the only one.

A significant portion of the population born with natural tightly coiled and curly hair, are facing similar issues, such as:

Unfortunately, at the time, products formulated by the industry for my hair type were essentially designed to chemically alter its texture, by removing the coils, curls and leaving the hair straighter (until the new textured growth).

Such practices are very often started early in life, leaving a number of people with naturally coiled, curly hair with little clue on how to tackle the challenges of the unaltered afro hair textures.

The last decade has seen a significant drop in sales of relaxers, texturizers and other products designed to chemically alter natural afro hair; and an emergence of products aimed at helping impart further manageability, suppleness and curl definition to afro hair.

We will have a look at how the ‘Nappy’ (Naturally Happy) community is learning to embrace its ‘mane’ and how the industry can complement and support.


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